Navigating the waters of passport renewal can be tricky, especially if you’re away from home. If you’re a Nigerian living in the UK and your passport is nearing its expiry date, don’t fret. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of renewing your Nigerian passport without any hassles.

1. Start with the Official Channels

Before going into the renewal process, always ensure you’re getting information from reliable sources. The Nigeria High Commission in the UK is the official portal for all passport-related queries and procedures.

2. Dive into the Online Application

The journey begins online:

  • Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) portal.
  • Navigate to the passport application section and fill out the form.
  • Once completed, print the acknowledgment slip and payment receipt for your records.

3. Secure Your Payment

With the Nigerian passport renewal, there’s a fee involved. Make the necessary payment on the NIS portal. Remember, always print and keep the payment confirmation slip; it’s your proof of payment!

4. Pencil in Your Appointment

You’re not done yet! After payment, book an appointment for biometric capture on the Nigeria High Commission website. Timeliness is crucial, so ensure you mark the date and show up as scheduled.

5. Gather Your Documents

Being prepared is half the battle. On your appointment day, ensure you have:

  • The acknowledgment slip and payment receipt from your online application
  • Your previous Nigerian passport
  • Any additional documents specified by the High Commission

6. The In-Person Process

At the High Commission, your biometrics will be captured. Additionally, be ready for an interview. This is a routine check to verify all details.

7. The Final Step: Collection

After a successful application and interview, you’ll be informed when your passport is ready for collection. It’s essential to personally pick up your passport at the High Commission, as they usually refrain from mailing them.

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