Navigating through the digital realm of high-performance computing can be a breeze if you know the right steps. Today, we’ll explore how to connect to the University of Hull’s Viper supercomputer from a Windows PC.

  1. VPN Connection:
    • First things first, ensure you’re either on campus or connected to the University VPN if off-campus. Request for VPN Access Here
  2. Installing MobaXterm:
    • Head over to the MobaXterm Website and download the portable version after agreeing to the license terms.
    • Unzip the downloaded file and double-click on MobaXterm_Personal_22.1 to run it.
  3. Connecting to Viper:
    • Launch MobaXterm and click on ‘Session’.
    • Choose the ‘SSH’ type connection.
    • Input the Remote host as (port 22 if needed).
    • Enter your Username (University User ID) and click OK.
    • A terminal window will pop up; type in your password and hit enter (your password will not be visible).
    • Voila! Upon a successful connection, you’ll see [username@login01 ~]$ on the terminal.

If you still find this confusing, you can drop your concern in the comment.

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